Our Will Writing Service?

What happens when I contact your Will Writing Service?

When you talk to one of our professional will-writers, they will talk to you about your personal circumstances and family set up. They might invite you to discuss:

  • Your assets, their overall value
  • How you own your assets – if you co-own property with your spouse, the type of tenancy you have will affect whether or not they can continue to live there after your death
  • Who you would like to name as executors – the people who carry out your wishes as stated in the will.
  • Who you would like to benefit through provisions made in your will and how.
  • The best way to organise who receives what/ specific items for certain people and so on.
  • How to make sure your money goes to the people you want it to go to
  • How to minimise inheritance tax- inheritance tax is payable on anything over the £325,000 threshold (£650,000 for married couples and civil partners) once other debts have been deducted.
  • Whether you wish to appoint legal guardians for any children or dependants.
  • If there are any life changes, such as marriage or divorce, the birth of children or grandchildren.
  • Whether some assets would be best placed in a trust for asset protection purposes.

When you have discussed the finer details of your wishes and your will-writer has a good understanding of what you want, they will draft a will for you to take a look at, make alterations if necessary, then sign and send back.

Online will-writing services send you to a website to answer standard questions that are the same for everybody. Our will writers are all qualified professionals who offer a personal, bespoke service. You can contact them when you need to ask anything you forgot to the first time, and to communicate any alterations you wish to make as and when you wish. For the small cost of £29 (£39 for joint wills) this is a huge peace of mind.

All wills written by our professionals are

  • Legally binding
  • Written by members of the society of Will Writers
  • Written by helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable professionals