What are the benefits of using a will writing service?

Many people can benefit from using a will writing service.

It ensures your will is legally binding

Many people write their own wills or use a ‘will writing kit’ they have found on the internet. However, this often leads to unpleasant legal disputes that continue for a long timebetween family members. By using our will writing service, you are protecting yourself against this as we ensure your will is legally binding.

Professional advice and support

Will writing can be a complex process, especially if oyu have a complex estate or your family dynamics are unusual. You might even be unsure of your wishes, unable to decide what the best course of action would be in protecting your estate for the next generation. Our will writing experts can advise and assist with this.

Ensuring your will is up to date

We will keep your details on file and remind you when it is time to review your will. We advise that you review your will on a regular basis to ensure that it still reflects your wishes. If you don’t update it you may find that it does not comply with current regulations and could leave your estate open to Intestacy Law.

Our advisers will be able to guide you on other important aspects, including…

  • Guardianship of Minors – Our advisers can advise you on the nomination of family members or close friends to take care of your children in the event of your death
  • Asset Protection Trusts – We can give you advice on how to ensure your Estate is protected and distributed in a manner which would maximise your families inheritance
  • Vulnerable Person Trust – this is a way to protect the inheritance and continued welfare of vulnerable family members.
  • Lasting Power of Attorney – or LPA. LPA is an important procedure which allows a person or people to manage your finances or personal welfare in the event you lose the capacity to do so.
  • Lifetime Interest Clauses – it is important to ensure your partner receives continued care and provision after you pass away
  • Storage of documents – We are able to look after your documents in a safe and secure location until they are required, whenever that might be.

There are just three simple steps to get the ball rolling

  • Contact us Today. All you have to do is fill in our short form or call 0333 300 3491 and speak to a professional will writer today.
  • Let us do the work. Our professional will writers will prepare your documents and ensure that your loved ones are provided for and your assets are protected.
  • Receive your Will/s. When you are happy that you will sets out everything in the way you wish, you can finalise your documents by post or one of our team can come to you and help sign and witness your documents.