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Thank you for reaching out to us to have your Will written

If you are like 99% of our new clients, you are probably thinking that Wills are very technical and confusing. We use plain language and explain everything you need to know In a way that puts a smile on your face rather than In a way that will confuse you and make you regret starting the process.

We have put these short vidoes together to demonstrate our approach to Will Writing:

Would you want your estate to be inherited by a none family member?

What if you or your spouse remarries after becoming widowed?
Should a surviving spouse remarry following the death of their husband or wife, any assets that were owned jointly, or were inherited by the survivor would typically be shared with their new spouse. The act of marriage automatically revokes a previously written will. The new spouse might decide to leave their new-found wealth to someone other than your loved ones.

What if a beneficiary were to become divorced?

Normally divorce settlements divide the married couple’s assets equally, these assets may be the assets that were left to your loved on in your will. An ex-wife or husband could default inherit money intended for your loved ones through generations, is that something you are prepared for?

Who would you trust, to look after your affairs?

We are now living longer than ever before and, the likelihood of us losing capacity at some point whether through dementia, illness or accident is becoming an accepted part of life.

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